Back to Basics: Social Media 101

Last updated 11 months ago

The most effective marketing has a plan and a strategy. Go back to the basics with your social media to get the most out of it! 

Why Social Media is Important

  • Low or no cost
    • The only real cost is your time
    • Advertising options are cost effective
  • Builds relationships
    • Social media is designed to be social!
  • Part of a complete strategy
    • Social media should be a piece of your marketing pie 
  • Everyone has it
    • It’s a great way to keep in touch with people since the majority of the population is on at least one platform 

Getting Started

Audit your current efforts to see what is working and what could use some improvements. 

  • What are you currently doing?
    • Which platforms 
    • Current schedule
    • Types of content
  • What do you want to do?
    • New platforms
    • Update schedule – more or less
    • Add new content? Short form? Long form?

What Your Platforms Need

  • Same profile photo on each platform
  • The same name on each platform
  • Search engine optimization: keywords! 

Begin Planning

  • Content buckets
    • These are the overall themes of your content. You do not have to stick to them completely but they help you come up with ideas for each bucket.
  • Schedule
    • Plan a schedule that works for you and is attainable 
  • Efficiencies 
    • Find ways to be efficient 
      • Use a scheduler to post
      • Later Media
      • Agorapulse
      • Sprout Social 
      • Planoly
      • Take photos/videos All. The. Time.
      • Plan around your life 
        • Look at your schedule each week and determine what content can be taken while you’re out
      • Batch when you can 
      • Repurpose
        • Create blogs from your social media videos, or videos from your blogs
        • Post your blogs in a newsletter
        • Create a long form video based on a short form video 
      • Scroll with intent
        • Ask yourself, “how can I take this and make it real estate related?”
      • Get inspired from other social channels


Once you are posting regularly and are gathering followers, do not forget to engage with them.

  • Meet someone in person and then add them on social media
  • Plan interactions
    • Whether you use the results of a poll or question box, reach out to at least a few people a day
  • Make it easy for someone to respond to your story
    • Ask questions that someone can easily respond to
  • Become friends in real life
    • Take the relationship out of the direct messages